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The Good Ol’ US of A, B, C and D

As much as we talk about what it “means to be American,” I don’t think anyone really has a clue. The diversity of thought, opinion and values in this country is staggering – just try to tell a Texan he’s like a Californian, or vice-versa for that matter. There are few, if any commonalities shared by a vast majority. President’s get elected by a hair – or by a technicality – and that’s in a two-party system, which misleads us into thinking people are in one of two camps. I feel like a 5-party system would further expose the wild diversity here, and leaders could walk in with a resounding 24% of the vote.

Canada’s the same – identity crises seem to be clinging to the New World – except for one important difference: cold. Cold unites. Cold is the one thing in Canada that everyone shares.

While a national hodgepodge has it’s challenges in a democracy, I don’t think I’d ever opt for uniformity. Diversity is just too damn interesting.

So if we’re going to talk about “All American”, I think it’s just as valid to include Germany and Switzerland as it is Louisiana. Actually, having been to Lousiana, it might be more valid.

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