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Do Shit

Do shit. My New Years’ resolution. Also the reason I’m writing this blog, after sitting in my chair for the past half hour thinking there must be a better topic on which to write, Elton John in the background telling me its going to be a long, long time – yes, Elton John is playing on my iTunes,, he comes on after Eddie Vedder. And yes, he was almost right. I could have sat here mulling it over until I gave up and went to bed. But mulling is so 2010. This year, it’s all about doing shit. Any shit. Even if it’s shit.  So here you go blogosphere, one more forgettable blog post for you to churn about like a lottery ball in one of those big drums made for churning lottery balls. But instead of a smiling woman turning your crank, you’ve got bits…and bites.

After all, perfection is the enemy of good. So it stands to reason that good is the enemy of mediocre and mediocre is the enemy of shit. In terms of the effort to produce something, 90% of it is needed to even produce shit. To overcome, apathy, indifference, self-doubt, criticism, perfectionism and Jersey Shore – that’s the real achievement. Speaking of Jersey Shore, it takes just as much drive, time and effort to produce that shit as anything decent.  So if on top of overcoming the slurry of dissuasion, you actually manage to produce something that contributes positively to your life or anyone elses’, something that manages to crawl into any category above shit, then wow, aren’t you the peacock with the brightest feathers. And if you manage to do it without anyone paying you to do it, well then, I think it’s time you take those feathers down the catwalk and show them off a bit.

So there we go. I’ve written it. And yes, it may be shit, but it’s out there. And it wasn’t before. Who knows, it may inspire something more. Like that guy who started with a paperclip and traded his way up bit by bit until he had a house; paperclip for a pen, pen for a t-shirt, and so on. Granted, the house was in Saskatchewan, but still.  Maybe someone will see this blog and create something better out of it it – like toilet paper. And maybe the guy who then wipes his ass with it will have an idea as he does so, a mediocre idea, like mustard and ketchup in the same bottle, but someone will take that and turn it into a good idea, like mustchup. And on we go…

Funny, it brings me  back to the first day of this blog. When I was fed up trying 18,000 different title names to find every one of them already taken. I found myself writing ‘Externalize’ in the field, not really knowing why, not particularly liking the name, just writing. And here I am, the start of 2011, doing the exact same thing – externalizing, just for something to do.


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